ISPGR World Congress

The ISPGR World Congress brings together posture and gait researchers and clinicians from around the world for discussion and exchange of the most cutting edge knowledge, insights, issues and ideas. ISPGR holds biennial meetings around the world for basic and clinical scientists in order to:

  • Present and discuss the latest research and clinical findings relating to the control of posture and gait and related disorders.
  • Facilitate interaction between members who meet from all corners of the globe.
  • Promote the broad discipline of posture and gait research.

The 2017 Congress was held in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA - visit the 2017 page for further information

2019 World Congress

The 2017 World Congress will take place in Edinburgh, UK!  Visit the 2019 page, and stay tuned for further details... 

2015 ISPGR Presentation videos are now available to all members!

Below are a series of short video clips, available for all ISPGR website visitors. To gain access to the Member Area to view the presentations in full, please click here...


For further information on becoming an ISPGR member, please visit the membership page.

Keynote Presentation videos

Keynote: Daniel Wolpert,

University of Cambridge

Keynote: Karen Adolph,

Infant Action Lab


Keynote: Amy Bastian,

Kennedy Krieger Institute



Keynote: James Lackner,

Brandeis University 


Symposia Presentation videos


Symposium 1

Symposium 3

Symposium 4

Symposium 5


Symposium 6

Symposium 7

Symposium 8

Symposium 9


Symposium 10

Symposium 11